A book investigating the typographic system of ‘sigla’ which the author James Joyce created for his novel Finnegans Wake. The book is an addendum to my book, Sigla, published by Jordskred. Both books explore how Joyce’s sigla operate across a multiplicity of levels to create ambiguity: as alphabetic letterform, codification, geometric shape and pictogram. The writer Adaline Glasheen writes that Joyce “carried uncertainty to its logical end and questioned all the systems that man has shored against his chaos.”

The sigla are here accompanied by diagrams, drawings and quotations taken from a range of sources, including Joyce’s notebooks, letters and the published text.

Softback, 252 × 190 mm, 28 pages. Co-published by Catalogue Library and Village Books. Two colour risograph, singer sewn bound, edition of 75.
ISBN 978-94-91783-12-8