Christophe Charles + Kozo Inada: i[ ]

8:35 pm

New work: record sleeve design for Christophe Charles + Kozo Inada’s LP i[], released by Ge-stell. Comprising tones and field recordings, i[] is the soundtrack to accompany Ishikawa Fukurow’s Noh-insired dance piece Kafka. I heard Kozo Inada perform at the Music Research Centre at the University of York in 2008 and then had the pleasure of performing live alongside Christophe Charles at an event called ‘Why is there something instead of nothing?’ at snd studios in Sheffield in March 2009. Mark Fell and I also commissioned a piece of music by Christophe for our Radio Web MACBA series Composing with Process. You can listen and download this piece here, alongside another commissioned work by Yasunao Tone.